STS Group is a registered alias of Sea Transportation Services Inc., a privately held company incorporated in the State of Delaware, USA.

Founded in 1987 to act as general agent for a joint service between two Venezuelan steamship lines. Today the STS Group represents a diverse group of interests in the transportation and financial sectors. Its main activities, on behalf of its principals, are in the fields of contract and common carriage of waterborne cargo.

To quote J.P. Morgan, "at all times the idea of doing only first-class business, and that in a first-class way, has been before our minds". The mission of the STS Group continues to be to innovate and employ the best available technologies to administer its business endeavors in the most effective and efficient manner to provide reliable performance at stable competitive rates.

At the STS Group, we have the tools, and the knowledge to use them, the information and the financial resources to match the right vessel to your cargo.

Contract Carrier Operations
As contract carriers, the Occidental Services Corporation, Occidental Chartering Inc., and other Principals of the STS Group, engage in worldwide trading on project and special heavy lift cargo contract business. For over Twenty Years principals of the STS Group have acted as contract carriers for governments and multinational corporations.

Their clients include such firms as International Paper Company, Great Northern Paper Company, Occidental Petroleum Corporation, Belco Petroleum Corporation, General Motors Company, Ford Motor Company, American Motors Corporation, Tellepson-Wallace Construction Company, Raymond International, Williams Bros., Morrison Knudsen Construction Co., Jones Construction Company, Bowater Corporation, Georgia Pacific Corporation, Smurfit Stone Container Corporation, Westvaco Corporation, Kent Line Limited (a division of J.D. Irving), Freight Line Corporation, CVG, PDVSA Services, Inc., M.I. Drilling Fluids, L.L.C. TAMSA, the United States Government, ADM Grain Company, Alcoa, Arcelor International Venezuela, Baroid Drilling Fluids, Inc., Bechtel Corporation, Bowater Inc, BP Marine, C.E. Minerals Inc, Ceramica Carabobo, S.A., Chevron, Comsigua, Conagra Foods Inc., Corpac Steel Products, Corp., Corus Steel, CVG International America, Duferco Steel, Halliburton, The Hiller Group Inc., Hylsamex S.A. de C.V., International Paper, Klockner Steel Trade, Lamigal C.A., MAN Ferrostaal Incorporated, Marubeni Corporation, Mitsui USA, Mobile Oil Corp., Pequiven "Petroquimica De Venezuela, S.A., Procarsa "Tuberias Procarsa S.A. de C.V., The Rice Company, Shell Services International Inc., Shinsho America, Shintech Incorporated, Showa Denko Carbon, Inc., Siderurgica Del Turbio S.A., Smurfit Carton de Colombia, Smurfit Latin America, Stemcor USA, Ternium Sidor C.A., Thyssen Steel Group, and Tuberias Procarsa, S.A. DE C.V.

They have carried military equipment from the Great Lakes for the Governments of Morocco, Ethiopia, Algeria and Chile; construction equipment for the Government of Ghana; locomotives for General Motors Electro Motive Division to Formosa; a nylon fiber plant for Firestone Rubber Corporation to Manila; sugar mill equipment for the Republic of Panama; de-sulferization plants for Occidental Petroleum Corporation to Brazil; a complete hospital project for the Government of Chile; pipeline equipment for Petrofina to Angola; construction equipment and pipe for Petro Peru via the Amazon River to Iquitos; all of the pipe for the Trans Andes Pipeline from the Continent and the U.S. to Iquitos; gas compression modules (eight hundred fifty tons each) for Petroleos Mexicanos to platforms in the Bay of Campeche; two complete steam generating plants for PDVSA Services, Inc.'s CFAY Project to Guaranao, Venezuela; steel products from the Orinoco river for CVG to Costa Rica, drilling rigs and equipment for Zapata Drilling and Exploration Corporation, Ada Oil Corporation, Amoco Oil, Chilean Oil, Atlantic Richfield Oil Company, Belco Petroleum Corporation, Santa Fe Drilling Corporation, Petroleos Mexicanos, Cliffs Drilling Co. and Occidental Petroleum Corporation to Ecuador, Chile, Brazil, Trinidad, Nigeria, Mozambique, the Middle East, Mexico, Venezuela and Peru; as well as many other important project cargos. For about ten years they provided, as contract carriers, a monthly scheduled service for Occidental Petroleum Corporation (in conjunction with their Peruvian associate) with sailings from the U.S. Gulf to the West Coast of Peru with Peruvian flag vessels for the transportation of oil well drilling equipment and supplies. In addition to the ocean transportation, they have also contracted for the trucking in Peru to the final staging area.

Ship Owning
As managing owners, Banyan Investment Group, Dontrex Shipping Company, and Oxyship Limited and other principals of the STS Group have operated vessels engaged in various short and long term contracts in the transport of both liquid and dry cargoes. They have supplied various specialized vessels under Bareboat and Time Charters to such firms as United Molasses Company, Pollution Control Industries, Natomas Oil Company, Texaco Oil Company, Seaboard Marine, Petroleos Mexicanos and other Mexican Government entities. Their fleet has included dry cargo ships designed for shallow waters, self sustaining general cargo vessels, ice strengthened multipurpose heavy lift vessels, roll on roll off vessels, tankers and ocean going barges and tugs. STS Group provides innovative short and long term solutions to the unique requirements of established and developing ports and trades worldwide.

Ship Chartering Operations
Over the years principals of the STS Group have appeared as charterers in over 500 charter contracts involving vessels of a variety of sizes and types up to 70,000 deadweight tons for trip and period employment from unrelated ship owners worldwide.



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